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Meet Duncan

Duncan is one of Candle Shack's co-founders and is currently CEO and Head of Innovation. Over the last decade, Duncan has been a trusted advisor to many of the worlds leading candle brands, developing home fragrance products for brands such as Fornasetti, Floral Street, Paul Smith, Harrods and dozens of others.

His main area of expertise is in advanced candle production methods, where Candle Shack is trusted to take on candle projects that other manufacturers would not dare to attempt. He is currently leading several innovation projects with leading universities, aimed at improving large scale production of 100% plant based scented candles.

Duncan is also an expert in sustainable product development and regularly attends both European and British Candle Federation meetings, where he contributes on technical matters.

Duncan Maclean, CEO of Candle Shack
Fornasetti candle jars

Discover the secrets of candle making at Candle Shack Academy. With our extensive experience of over 10 years, we have honed our skills while collaborating with esteemed brands around the globe. Join us to perfect the craft of creating exceptional candles and exquisite home fragrance products.

Floral Street candles and diffusers

Trusted by big brands

Sustainable and Plant-Based Candles and Fragrance Products | Strengthen Your Brand with Eco-Friendly Solutions

Unlock a world of sustainable and plant-based candles and fragrance products that not only elevate your brand but also champion social and environmental welfare. Our commitment to eco-consciousness enables us to create outstanding and eco-friendly solutions that enhance your product ranges and reinforce your brand's values.

Shaku Candles being poured

Collaborative Product Creation and Project Management | Partner with Us to Achieve Your Ambitions

Unlock the power of transparent and collaborative product creation with our dedicated team. From concept to delivery, we work hand in hand with our partners, ensuring complete transparency and collaboration throughout the process. Trust us to project manage your creations and help you reach your goals. Together, we'll transform your ambitions into reality.