1. Make sure to select paper size as A4.

2. Select ‘actual size’ when printing.


1. Use scissors to cut out your paper


2. Use this paper template as a guide to

cut out a cardboard base.

3. Carefully puncture the four points

shown on the template.

4. Thread a spare wick through the middle

hole and secure firmly with tape.

5. You are ready to start using your new

DIY tool!

How to use

1. Thread your three wicks of choice

through the holes on your DIY tool.

2. Place your adhesive pads to the base of

your sustainers.

3. Using the middle, secured wick, guide

the DIY tool into your 50cl candle


4. Push down firmly to secure your wicks.

5. Grab your middle, secured wick and pull

gently upwards to remove the tool.

6. Pour your candles with confidence!

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