Front cover

The front cover isn't just for aesthetics (though it does look gorgeous), you can use the scent card to decide if the fragrance notes match the style you are going for with your collection and help you narrow down your choices.

Back cover

The back has a detailed step-by-step to walk you through the process for making your candle as well as a section for the wick recommendation and fragrance percentage. We have giving you the weights for the fragrance and wax for one candle. If you are making more than one you can multiple this by the number of candles you are creating.

The Laboratory test reports and Safety data sheets for each fragrance are available on the Candle Shack website.

These recipes are intended to be used only with the Candle Shack fragrances and wax listed.
We recommend thoroughly testing your candles to ensure they meet accepted standards for fire safety and sooting behaviour.